The flower girl is the last member of the wedding party to walk down the aisle while tossing flower petals. Their adorable performance often becomes a memorable thing for the audience.

Making sure that the flower girl wears the perfect dress will make her feel confident throughout the day and create good memories for her, as well as for the audience. Thus, you need to choose a dress that looks adorable, cute, and complement the wedding party.

Several Tips for Finding a Perfect Dress for a Flower Girl

Here are few tips for choosing a perfect dress for a flower girl:

  1. Match to the Wedding Theme

A perfect flower girl should dress in accordance to the wedding party themes. The dress needs to fit the formality of the wedding ceremony, and at the same time suit the personality of the little lady who wears it. Moreover, it needs to make her feel comfortable.

  1. Choosing a Lovely Color

Traditionally, a flower girl wears white to match the bride. But you don’t have to restrict the choice since there’s no rule about it. You can choose popular colors such as white, ivory, or silver. You can also choose a dress in a similar hue to the bride’s dress.

One of the trends is choosing a mini version of the bride’s wedding dress. But you don’t have to stick to it. Besides, nowadays there are many options of adorable little dresses on online boutiques where you can browse anytime.

  1. Choose the Right Length and Size

You need to consider her age before deciding the length of a flower girl dresses. A tea-length (few inches under the knee) dress is preferable for younger girls. It will give them a cute and adorable look. More importantly, it won’t risk tripping hazard for the little lady.

Meanwhile, a floor length dress might look elegant for an older girl. Another thing to consider is the children’s fast growth. If you’re ordering the dress a year prior to the wedding day, it is recommended to choose a bigger size than the girl’s perfect fit.

Finding a perfect dress for a flower girl is not a simple task and might consume time. Not to mention that you have plenty of things to do while planning a wedding. On this matter, finding it via online boutiques might be a good solution if you look plus size prom dresses.